VARON Portable Oxygen Concentrator NT-03 With 3LPM

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👉Tips: NT-03 is a pulse flow portable oxygen concentrator. If you need a continuous flow portable oxygen machine, it's recommended our 3L/min continuous flow TP-B1 oxygen concentrator.

Features of this product adopting PSA's safe and reliable oxygen production technology, the battery is separated from the host, which is convenient for users to replace a larger or smaller battery pack, and is convenient for reasonable arrangements when going out. The small size and beautiful appearance are especially suitable for users who need to move.

Oxygensolve-NT-03 Portable Oxygen Concentrator-8

If you understand the following knowledge, you will be able to use the oxygen generator specified in this manual more reasonably:

1. Rejuvenate brain activity.
2. Oxygen is used for skin care.
3. How does oxygen restore sub-health fatigue.
4. Reduce the harm of alcohol and cigarettes.
5. Softening and deodorizing.
6. Other related environmental and health information and products.


Oxygen Flow: 3L/min stable flow (not adjustable)
Oxygen Concentration: stable 32.5±2.5% oxygen concentration
Oxygen production method: pressure swing adsorption separation method (PSA method)
Noise: ≤45 Db(A)
Item Weight: 3.1lbs (1.4KG)
Product Size: 20.5*9.5*13cm
Work rate: 30W
Input voltage: DC12V~16. 8V
Working time: 40 minutes, 60 minutes, 80 minutes, 180 minutes (adjustable)
Battery Lasting: About 1-3 hours
Standard battery pack capacity: 2500mAH 14.8V,  the highest voltage is 16.8V

Package Includes:

1*Main machine 
1*AC adaptor 
1*Use manual 
1*Oxygen inhaler 
1*External battery 
1*Diagonal shoulder bag
1*Warranty card/certificate 
1*Car line

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