Affordable 1-6L Flow Adjustable Home Oxygen Concentrator MAF015AW

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  • Tips: There is a black button on the machine wire connection. After connecting the power, please press the button to "—" to open the machine.
  • Oxygen Flow: continuous flow, 1-6 L/min adjustable.
  • Oxygen Concentration: 30% - 90% (1L/min) adjustable.
  • Output Pressure: <100kpa
  • Sound Level: less than 48dB
  • Rated voltage:
  • Rated voltage: AC220V/50Hz, AC110V/50Hz
  • Input power is 115W
  • Item Weight: 11.46 lb
  • Item size: 11.89*6.61*12.8 inches
  • PSA methods: PSA
  • Electrical categories: II Execution standard: GB4706.1-2005 Q/MAF 01-2014
  • Timing setting: 
    The machine can continue to work for 24 h / 7 d without operating the time button.
    If you need to operate the timing settings, please read the following instructions:
    Press the TIME button the first time, work for 15 minutes.
    Press the TIME button the second time, work 30 minutes.
    Press the TIME button the third time, work 45 minutes.
    Press the TIME button the fourth time, work 60 minutes.
    Press the TIME button the fourth time, work 90 minutes.
    Press the TIME button the fifth time, the machine can work continuously.


  1. The best oxygen-making machine should be equipped with intelligent control. Our product totally meets the condition. There is a big color panel with an LED screen on the machine. The smart system of oxygen generator primary show its functions for users’ convenience, such as el-ear display, timer operation, and infrared remote control. That is incredibly functions.
  2. We considered the user’s health, we fitted a multi-layer filter into the oxygen generator machine. To fresh the oxygen, the method of this device is fine dust filtered and three bacterial filters for the input air, and eventually, the oxygen will clear. The good thing is the filter can be removed without disassembling. Users are to replace by themselves.
  3. The ion function and a “negative” button on this oxygen generator for home. You can operate only on the negative ion system, and the oxygen system can also be used concurrently. A generator of anion air ventilation installed in the system discharges the exhaust shutters into the machine's surroundings at operation.

MAF015AW Components:

1 X Oxygen concentrator
1 X Ear-mounted oxygen tube
1 X Silicone oxygen tube
1 X Filter
1 X Instruction manual
1 X Certificate
1 X Manual
1 X Warranty Card
1 X Remote control
1 X Power cable
Affordable 1-6L Flow Adjustable Home Oxygen Concentrator MAF015AW
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