5L/min Oxygen Machine for Home Use JMC5A


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Oxygen concentrator make up ofmainframe、 humidifier and Flowmeter
The reliable, safe, complete plastic outer shell, breaker.
The display screen shows the total elapsed working hours.
 The pressure safety valve helps ensure operating pressure.
Power loss alarm function.
High and low-pressure alarm function.
Low oxygen concentration alarm function.
Heat protection to ensure the safety of the compressor and concentrator 


Power supply: AC120V, 60Hz; Current: 3.5A; Power: 390VA
Sound level: ≤ 50dB (A)
Maximum recommended flow:5L/min
Flow Range at Outlet Pressure of zero: 0.5~5L/min
Flow Range at Outlet Pressure of 7 kPa: 0.5~5L/min
Change in maximum recommended flow when back pressure of 7 kPa
Oxygen Concentration: When 0.5~5L/min ,93%±3% (after turning 30minutes)
Output Pressure: 38kPa±5kPa ;
Release Pressure by machine operation: 250kPa±50kPa;
Weight: 15kg
Dimension: 33×26×54(cm);
Height above sea level: The oxygen concentration will not decrease on 1828 meters in height above sea level, from 1828 meters to 4000 meters; the efficiency will decrease to less than 90%.
Safety System:
① Current overload or line surge shutdown.
② High-temperature compressor shutdown.
③ High-pressure alarm shutdown.
④ Low-pressure alarm shutdown.
⑤ Low Oxygen Concentration alarm.
Minimum Operating Time: 30 minutes
Electric Classification: Class Ⅱ equipment, Type BF applied part(Nasal oxygen cannula);
Mode of operation: Continuous duty
Normal Operating Ambient: overvoltage category: II
Pollution degree: 2 altitudes:≤2000


Package Includes:

5L Oxygen concentrator * 1
Humidifier bottle*1 
Connection tube of humidifier bottle*1
Oxygen tube *1
User manual*1
5L/min Oxygen Machine for Home Use JMC5A
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