5L/min Adjustable Home Oxygen Concentrator ZH-A51

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  1. This is a household oxygen concentrator with a simple and elegant appearance, and it is easy to use in operation.
  2. The oxygen generator can adjust the oxygen flow rate as required, and the oxygen content can be stably maintained above 90%.
  3. This oxygen generator adopts the working principle of PSA and can supply oxygen continuously.
  4. During the operation of the machine, the working volume of the machine will not exceed 60dB(A), which can ensure normal rest for you and your family.
  5. The service life of this oxygen generator is not less than 3 years. Accessories and replaceable parts can be replaced if they are damaged or no longer clean.



  • Working principle: PSA (pressure swing adsorption)
  • Electrical requirements: Type BF, Class Ⅱ equipment
  • Oxygen concentration: ≥90%
  • Oxygen flow rate: 0.6-5L/min adjustable
  • Product Size: 470mm(L)*280mm(W)*550mm(H)
  • Product Weight: 24kg
  • Voltage: AC110V, 60Hz
  • Input power:380VA
  • Outlet pressure: 40kPa
  • Working noise: ≤60dB(A)
  • Environmental conditions: 5℃~40℃
  • Atmosphere pressure: 86kpa~106kpa
  • Working environment requirements: no corrosive gas and strong magnetic field around.

Package Includes:

  • Oxygen Concentrator Unit*1
  • Nasal oxygen cannula*1
  • Second level inner filtering*1
  • Second level outer filtering*1
  • Operation manual*1
  • First level filtering*1
  • Nebulizer Cup Assy. (Optional)*1

5L/min Adjustable Home Oxygen Concentrator ZH-A51
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