1-7L/min VARON Adjustable Oxygen Concentrator For Home Use 105W

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  • The oxygen concentrator machine provides an adjustable and continuous flow of 1-7L/min.
  • There is a molecular sieve fitted in the concentrator, which is a high-efficiency lithium sieve with excellent adsorption. High rates of oxygen and strong stability.
  • We adopted high technology of pure oil-free air double cylinder compressor, it takes a few energy consumptions with high power, low noise, and fast heat dissipation. After our repeated tests, the noise recorded is only 42db. The sounds will not bother you and your family.
  • This oxygen concentrator is equipped with a smart control system, and there is a large colored IMD monitor with an LED screen. You can operate the function and adjust the flow on it.
  • For better use, the oxygen machine has a special atomizing interface to combine oxygen and atomization. Therefore, The two functions can be used together.
  • To protect the oxygen machine itself, we designed protection against electric overload. When the thing happens, the generator will shut down immediately.


  • Size: 305x180x300mm
  • Weight: 5.5kg
  • Power supply: AC110V 60Hz/AC220V 50Hz
  • Output power: 150VA
  • Oxygen concentration: 35%-90%(Adjustable)
  • Oxygen flow: 1~7L/min
  • Working sound: ≤50dB(A)
  • Electrical classification: Ⅱ
  • Operating mode: continuous

1-7L/min VARON Adjustable Oxygen Concentrator For Home Use 105W
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