What are the different types of Oxygen Concentrators?
Two types of oxygen concentrators

Two types of oxygen concentrators

How does An Oxygen Concentrator work?
The oxygen concentrator draws in the conventional air in the room and compresses it with a filter and a sieve bed to filter out other gases (including nitrogen) present, and then outputs a high concentration of oxygen. Therefore, the oxygen generator can produce oxygen and no oxygen tank is needed.

Delivery Information
2-3 Business shipping time & 3-5 business delivery days.

Do the machines require a prescription to purchase?
Our product is a health care machine, so it does not need a prescription. If you have specific requirements for oxygen concentration or oxygen flow rate, please choose our products according to your actual situation.

Payment Methods
Our website equips with the latest secure module to ensure the security of payment transfers. We have two payment options, one is Paypal and another is Useepay which supports credit/debit card payment. Both two payment options will redirect to a third-party payment platform, and it is all under the protection of our secure module. 

Can all machines be paid for by medical insurance?
So sorry to tell you that We have not cooperated with any medical insurance company.
Our product is a health care machine, If you have specific requirements for oxygen concentration or oxygen flow rate, please choose our products according to your actual situation.


Yes, our NT-01 & NT-03 are CE cetified. You can find CE mark in our products.

On commercial products, the letters CE (as the logo CЄ) mean that the manufacturer or importer affirms the good's conformity with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards.It is not a quality indicator or a certification mark.The CE marking is required for goods sold in the European Economic Area(EEA), but is also found on products sold elsewhere that have been manufactured to EEA standards.

About Products
1.Does the airlines allow this machine on the plane?
In theory, American Airlines requires FAA certification and we do not have FAA certification, but many customers have successfully brought it to the plane.

2. Continonuse or pulse flow?

NT-01 portable oxygen concentrator can supply 1-5 L/min pulse flow, adjustable. 

TP-B1 portable oxygen concentrator can supply 3 L/min continuous flow, not adjustable.

MAF-605A portable oxygen concentrator can supply 1 L/min continuous flow & 1-3L/min pulse flow.

3.Can I add water to use the machine?
Yes, with or without water, both will be OK, if you add water to use, the oxygen you breathe will be more humid

4.Replace filters? how often?
Separately sold, it can be cleaned or replaced every 3-6 months.

This is the link:

5.Can I use the machine for 24h?
Yes, Our home oxygen machines are suitable for you.

This is the link:

6.How long is the warranty?
All of our brand new home and portable oxygen concentrators s are a one-year warranty, except our used oxygen concentrators and accessories.

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